Urban Gardening Certification

Urban Gardening Certification

Location: Online

Duration: 8

Course Access: Lifetime

Exam? Yes

Course Description: This Urban Gardening course is designed to give you all the information you need to start a garden in an urban area. Upon completing the course, not only will you be ready to create a garden from scratch, you will know how to keep up and expand your garden year after year. This course includes everything from choosing a location for your urban garden to collecting seeds from your garden for the following years. We have created this course to ensure that you understand what creating an urban garden entails and how to care for the garden you create. The course is online and provides you with a convenient way to study the course material when it is most convenient for your schedule. Students who take the course still have time to continue working. You will have access to the urban garden course material from your computer or any mobile device with internet access. We also offer access to online support 24/7. When you complete the course, you will obtain a course certificate, which proves that you have successfully completed the Urban Gardening course. You can download the certificate from home, or we can post it to you for a fee. We created this Urban Gardening course to offer students a full overview of how to create an urban garden. When you complete the course, you will be ready to create an urban garden of your own. The course covers the following information: When you begin your study of this Urban Gardening course, you will find the following benefits:

What you will learn:

A history of urban gardening

Choosing the right location for your urban garden

Determining how much sun your garden gets

Understanding plant hardiness

The difference between annuals and perennials

Creating a budget for your garden

Appropriate plants for urban gardens

Preparing the soil for an urban garden

Crop rotation

Watering and fertilising

Tackling weeds, pests and disease

How to transplant plants

Creating compost for your urban garden

Preserving fruits and veg

Drying flowers and collecting seeds

Benefits of this course:

The ability to study wherever you wish at any time. Study from home, from a park, a restaurant or anywhere there is internet access.

There is no time limit, so you can study at your own pace. You can finish the course in days, weeks or even months.

Study from any internet-enabled device. This includes mobiles, tablets and computers.

Easy to understand course that is divided into digestible modules. This makes studying an enjoyable experience.

Access to support online, which helps you to continue to stay on track as you work through the course.

Course Link: https://staffskillstraining.co.uk/course/urban-gardening-certification/