What Can You Trust Certification

What Can You Trust Certification

Location: Online

Duration: 1.75

Course Access: Lifetime

Exam? Yes

Course Description: Learning about what you can trust is essential for youngsters of all ages and from all backgrounds. In today’s world of rapid and constant information, knowing what and who to trust, both online and in the real world is a potentially life-saving skill that can enable you to go further and become more successful. We begin by discussing who you can trust, and we learn about the easy-to-spot warning signs of untrustworthy people, websites and social media pages, as well as the dangers involved in extremist ideology and how to avoid it. Next, we learn about what you can trust online, including on social media, websites and applications, and provide you with a solid game plan to avoid the suspicious and embrace the trustworthy. Finally, we provide an in-depth guide to the resources young people have, to determine the credibility of information and to learn about potentially dangerous people and situations. This is the ultimate guide for young people to gain a complete understanding of what information they can trust, and what information they should avoid.

What you will learn:

Who you can trust and the warning signs to be wary of

How to recognise extremists and avoid them

What you can trust when it comes to social media, apps and the internet in general

Benefits of this course:

You will avoid the serious and dangerous implications of placing your trust in the wrong people

You will become more vigilant

You will be able to focus on the information that empowers you

You will protect yourself and others by making use of powerful resources which fight against misinformation

Course Link: https://staffskillstraining.co.uk/course/what-can-you-trust-certification/