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A partnership creates a clear understanding of the requirements, challenges and opportunities at your school. By sharing a commitment you help to raise standards in education as we dedicate significant me and resources to the school by local branch consultants and senior management. With Principal Resourcing you gain a partnership based on trust, knowledge, efficiency and value for money. A superlative level of service!

A school should always consider a PSA as it drives value and also increases cost effectiveness without compromising quality. We offer access to the highest calibre candidate base along with the ability to strategically recruit at key times and take immediate remedial ac on in shortage specialist areas. In addition, the school is enriched by accessing added-value services such as sponsorship, a portfolio of CPD courses, CV workshops, first aid training for staff and wellbeing awareness for pupils, to name but a few.

Beckfoot Trust, consists of 11 secondary, primary and SEN schools in the Bradford area. Principal Resourcing were selected as one of 5 agencies to work as a preferred supplier in September 2018. The pre agreed charge rates along with with quality delivered as a standard is ensuring the Beckfoot Trust have a stable and suitable staffing solution. The team have tweaked templates and the flow of information to secure an efficient and smooth service.

Rodillian Trust, consists of 4 large secondary academies across Wake eld and Selby. The team have worked with the trust since April 2016 as a preferred supplier. We provide a range of staffing solutions from adhoc to long term cover and permanent recruitment.

BDAT (Bradford Dioceses Academy Trust), are an innovative Trust covering
the Bradford area, the Trust consists of a mixture of 18 primary and secondary schools. We became an approved supplier in January 2019 and are working on an ongoing basis to deliver CEOP training to the trust as part of our community outreach program.

What do you have to do?

Supply Principal Resourcing with your supply spends so the level of benefits can be ascertained. They will then discuss a selection of added value that will be included in your PS agreement ranging from:

  • CEOP training
  • First aid training Accreted
  • Sponsorship
  • Dyslexia testing
  • 1-1 tuition
  • CV workshop and mock interviews

A bespoke pricing structure will be agreed and upon signature you can enjoy the benefits of the added value as well as a tailored pricing system that suits your school’s budget.

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Our team are highly experienced at matching the correct person to the role so you can rest assured that we will help you find the most suitable candidate for your organisation.