What we can offer

What we can offer

Education Expertise

The teams at Principal Resourcing encompass the key elements of recruitment and education expertise combined with local knowledge. Headed up by our flagship branches (Hull and Leeds) we have additional regional offices in Doncaster, Grimsby, Lincoln, York, Scarborough and Bradford to facilitate candidate registrations and CPD, along with ensuring a local presence for schools.

Our consultants across the entire region are vastly experienced in this specialised field. One of our dedicated consultants will work with you to find the most effective cost-e client solutions to your staffing issues, be it for one day or a full term. The team’s experience in placing the right candidate in the right school is second to none. We take me to establish details such as behaviour policy and the school ethos so we can be sure of the type of candidate that you are looking for. With our stringent selection process, be it a last-minute booking or a long term placement, you can be assured that we con dent in being able to find the right fit for your school.

There will be occasional times, of course, when we are not able to fulfil your requirements. Unlike some agencies, we will always be completely honest about the calibre of our candidates along with their experience and more importantly their suitability for the position. We sincerely believe honesty is the best policy.

Daily Supply

It is not always possible or practical to detail unplanned supply in advance. We do ensure that teachers are in receipt of key facts prior to commencement of their day and this is usually communicated by telephone.

Key Information Given:

  • Name of school and directions
  • Details of class/subject or year group to be taught
  • Any relevant information relating to SEN or type of school
  • Start and finish time
  • Details of who to report to
  • Whether work is planned

Response Times

  • Next day cover to be confirmed by 3.30pm to allow teachers who are working that day to respond.
  • Long-term bookings to have appropriate CVs sent over within 24 hours (unless immediate start).
  • Within 15 minutes for immediate same day cover (if no teacher available, we advise the school so they can make alternative arrangements).

Long Term Assignments

In addition to all of the above, we will ensure that only candidates qualified to do the specific role will be shortlisted and sent over you. For each candidate you will receive an up to date comprehensive CV along with some additional notes from your consultant on EXACTLY how suitable for the role they think they are.

We will also advertise your role on our own website and various jobs boards to ensure you have access to the widest possible candidate base. Trials for long term placements are usually recommended and we are happy to arrange these at your convenience.

Permanent Placements

Our experienced permanent recruitment team understand that education is constantly evolving and have in- depth knowledge of the difficulties schools and academies face on a daily basis.

We appreciate that the permanent recruitment of your teaching and non-teaching staff is crucial for the future success of your school / academy as the right staff can turn any setting into a centre of excellence. Our team can offer support at every step of the recruitment process from assisting with the advertisement, shortlisting / interviewing candidates, to carrying out the various checks required to work with children.

All packages are tailored to your requirements, we can do as much or as little as you like. We offer innovative candidate attraction on solutions that are proven to work, and our dedicated specialists will work in consultation on with you to develop a strategy to ensure that the best possible, available candidates are sourced for your posts.

Special Education Needs

Principal Resourcing is committed to providing experienced teachers and support staff to work with children with ‘Special Education Needs’ and have created a specialist team to work in this field.

Our dedicated experienced SEND consultants understand the diverse staffing requirements needed within the SEN setting. They work closely with schools and candidates to ensure the best possible match for these roles. The team understand that supporting SEND and Alternative Education providers is more than just getting the right people for the right roles. We take me to determine your precise needs and aim to understand how your establishment works. We will make a commitment to get to know you by regularly spending me in your school and creating bespoke induction material for new staff.

Collaboration with schools and in-house trainers allows us to provide candidates with current training in a shifting SEND landscape. This in turn ensures we equip with workforce with the latest tools and strategies specific to the SEN sector including positive handling strategies and restorative practices.

Cognition and Learning

    • Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)
    • Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)
    • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)
    • Specific Learning Difficulties
    • Dyslexia
    • Dyscalculia
    • Dyspraxia

Communication and Interaction Needs

  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Sensory and / or Physical

  • Sensory and Multi -Sensory Impairment
  • Physical Disabilities

We ensure that all staff are kept up to date of all changes and training developments and we have staff experienced in the following:

  • PECS
  • Makaton
  • Positive Handling Strategies
  • Team-Teach
  • Reflective Practices

SEND Teaching Assistants are also widely recognised as the unsung heroes of the classroom. They play an integral part in the learning process and, on a one-to-one basis, can help give back an individual’s independency.

PRU, Inclusion, Exclusion & Alternative Learning

Our specialised SEND consultants are focused on maximising the support available across mainstream, a ached inclusion or o -site alternative learning. We understand the numerous barriers that can stand in the way from preventing youngsters from achieving their full potential. We have staff who have years of experience of re-engaging pupils through both curricular and vocational teaching and support.

Whether the requirement is to support children with emotional behavioural difficulties, or those with profound and multiple learning difficulties, our SEND Consultants provide highly experienced candidates to work within this specialised area. We provide schools, local authorities, pupil referral units, alternative providers, and other educational establishments with specific pupil interventions with qualified teachers and specialist learning support staff for a range of intervention tactics including:

  • One-to-one tuition
  • Small group/peer group tuition
  • Additional support for looked after children
  • Booster sessions
  • Revision classes
  • Holiday programmes

We offer a unique specialist recruitment service to all education establishments recruiting senior leaders and non teaching specialists. The education team provide support to fellow leaders and governing bodies to ensure that vital leadership roles and specialised non teaching roles are filled with the best possible, available candidates.

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