Furlough Statement

Furlough Statement

The Directors of Principal Resourcing worked tirelessly to respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic and along with New Red Planet established the criteria of the Governments Job Retention Scheme for our supply workers.

All staff that worked through New Red Planet were paid using a calculation from 1st September to March using an average of those earnings ( not based on NMW or 52 weeks which would lower the rate as is the calculation used by some)

We took the decision at the outset that Furlough payments would cease at the end of July. This would cover the period that supply staff would normally work, and included the benefit of several holiday periods and will run until the 31st July.

The decision was made based on the fact that as this is a “job retention scheme”, supply staff would be supported throughout this difficult period, during the time they would normally work on supply. The decision was cemented further as the scheme was revised and an eligibility date imposed to access the extended scheme.

The eligibility date has meant that supply staff that continued to work and support schools and children through this very difficult period would not be eligible for the scheme when their contracts ended (if after the 10th June 2020), leaving them at a disadvantage to Furloughed staff during the summer break. The Directors decided to end the scheme at the 31st of July where we believe the natural break falls and to ensure consistency where possible to all supply staff.

To Furlough workers is an optional scheme that unfortunately not all employers have been able to utilise because of the many other significant costs borne operationally. We are pleased we have been able to operate the scheme over what The Directors feel is an appropriate period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many positive comments we have received throughout this difficult time and assure you that we will continue to work on your behalf to secure work for this forthcoming Academic year.

Kind Regards

The Directors


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