Keeping children safe in education 2023

Keeping children safe in education 2023

As you are aware, KCSIE guidance applies to all schools and colleges and is for all school staff and management. It sets out the legal duties required to promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young people in schools and colleges and forms the basis for safeguarding and safer recruitment processes. A new version of the guidance comes into force on 1st September 2023.

This guidance has an abundance of important and useful information including signs of abuse, how to report a safeguarding concern, a list of support tools and guidance links, and how schools and agencies should handle safeguarding concerns.

As part of ongoing safeguarding training, all education practitioners are required to read at least part 1 of this guidance and it is a requirement of our clients and Principal Resourcing that you are also familiar with this.

The main changes to part 1 of the 2023 guidance, and areas to familiarise yourself with are summarised below.

  • Paragraph 13 contains an updated link to Behaviour in Schools’ guidance.
  • Paragraph 14 now has new text to raise awareness of the existing expectation for relevant staff to understand filtering and monitoring.

Part two of the guidance has many amendments to including:

  • Updates to the management of safeguarding
  • Reference to online checks for safer recruitment
  • Information on organisations or individuals using school premises when it comes to allegations.
  • Revised working to child-on child sexual violence and sexual harassment guidance.
  • Changes in law regarding forced marriages.
  • New reference to multi-agency practice when it comes to child exploitation.

The new guidance is currently being added to our website but you can access a version from GOV.UK and searching KCSIE or by clicking the link on the next page.

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