Return to School

Return to School

Supply Cover

As you prepare to open to more students we wanted to update you on the plans we have in place to ensure we keep our candidates and clients safe.

We have many candidates preparing to return to work when needed. We are currently preparing a Covid awareness course and when a booking is placed we would request client arrangements to ensure they are fully briefed prior to assignment.

We propose to have teams of teachers and support staff available purely to one School, Academy or Trust. This would keep both candidates and clients safe to ensure they are not visiting a wide range of environments. 

We also have strict requirements for our staff and candidates regarding the reporting of any symptoms they or a member of their household may have, or if they believe they may have come into contact with an infected person.


Now we have surpassed the resignation date we have a number of long term positions available and many new and existing candidates ready to support local schools.

If you have any requirements, call your local office.

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