SEED – Do you have pupil wellbeing covered?

SEED – Do you have pupil wellbeing covered?

SEED have produced a Toolkit to educate and raise awareness of eating disorders in schools. The toolkit helps schools evidence base their commitment and actions to OFSTED to ensure wellbeing within their organisation.

The Toolkit:

  • Aimed at Secondary School Years 7 to 12 but could also be aimed at Year 6 pupils.
  • Covers a range of interventions and approaches to enable young people to improve emotional wellbeing and deal with underlying issues causing eating disorders.
  • Delivered over a 3 lesson period with the option of a 4th creative session.


SEED is a charity set up by actress Gemma Oaten and her mother to support those who suffer from or caring for someone with an Eating Disorder.

‘With eating disorders having the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness with 20% of people dying every year as a direct result of their illness or through suicide. Mental health is a high profile and with 1 in 4 people developing eating disorders, schools must take this seriously as pupils as young as 6 have been identified as having eating disorders’

The kit has already received a fantastic review from one of our Hull Schools…

‘I Highly recommend this resource. I have used this for Year 9, 10 and 11. All pupils and myself found the package to be very educational. The pupils were very positive and it lead to lots of discussion. It depicted the subjects of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulima Nervosa in an informative and straightforward way that pupils could understand.’


Principal Resourcing are working exclusively with the charity to promote the toolkit. SEED are offering the Toolkit for £295 with all proceeds going directly to the charity.
For further information on the Toolkit or if you would like to purchase please get in touch with us:
01482 580409 |

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