September Update

September Update

A strange start to the new academic year and the new “normal”.

Many schools came back staggering their year groups over the first few weeks and we have seen a big increase in longer term placements for both teachers and support staff.

Changes we have seen in schools:

  • year groups bubbles
  • longer lessons
  • teachers moving and not students

Changes for our supply staff:

  • take your own mask and hand gel, although many schools do have some spare masks and all have gel in various places
  • take your own lunch, due to year group bubbles you may not have suitable access to the canteens

Changes for us:

  • virtual registrations continue
  • we are busy supply client schools with visors and hand gels for our staff
  • an increase in demand for tuition
  • an increase in requirements for first aid training
  • virtual training
  • transition package in partnership with Applied Psychologies
  • free school training in partnership with Grebo Donnelly

We are busy working on another 200 courses that will shortly be live on our website and are available to both registered and non registered candidates.

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