Staff Wellbeing matters! and so does Student Welfare too!

Staff Wellbeing matters! and so does Student Welfare too!

Better Staff Wellbeing – good for business!

Here at Principal Resourcing, we have built up a very well established company with an impeccable reputation for delivering excellence both to the clients we service, as well as the candidates we provide to employers. Staff Wellbeing has always been high on our list of priorities and something our Sister company ‘Principal Plus’ pays close attention to every day working with businesses and employers across the region to create a happy place to be.

Happy people within a business is proven to help deliver improved performance from the work they do and so employers who pay close attention to making sure their people are happy in their workplace is a worthy investment of time.

We have seen too many times, people move from job to job in a search for the ‘ideal workplace’ and often when asked – being part of a team which makes the individual feel cared about and important is something high on their list of priorities and one sure way to make people want to stay longer at their workplace.

Principal Plus provide specialist advice and practical sessions across a whole range of things which can help promote better staff wellbeing and/or student welfare too. With courses and workshops tailored around popular topics such as;

Mental Health, Stigma, Depression, Self Harm, Anxiety & more!

If you would like to know more about Staff Wellbeing or Student Welfare workshops in your local area then please get in touch with Principal Plus today or check out the details in the image.

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