Successful Candidate Briefing

Successful Candidate Briefing

We recently held a series of video conference calls for our candidates. The sessions provided the opportunities for our Business Manager to provide a detailed update on available assignments, the Job Retention Scheme, furlough process and future steps.

We received some great feedback from our candidates, who had the opportunity to ask questions both to us and each other…

A quick line to thank you for your time this morning – GRAND to see and hear some fresh faces after 6 weeks or so of lockdown, and to hear the latest from ‘the coalface’. I will update my CV, I think as much with a personal statement on both teaching skills and outlook and ‘lesson direction’ at the sharp end.
Thanks again, greatly appreciated! Richard

Just to let you know that over this difficult time, I’d like to say thank you to all staff both at Principal Resourcing and Originem/Red Planet. The communication has been amazing – email and telephone, when speaking to Originem. I’ve been grateful for the retention scheme updates and how fast we have received payment. When I know so many companies and individuals have not been as lucky. Principal with the emails and today’s zoom meeting, with information and guidance of what we as individuals and a team can do to help move forward. And I am really interested in the courses that may be available to boost my CPD. Lastly I would like to show my appreciation to Tim. Even before Covid 19, Tim has always been there to support and lend his advice when needed and has always had my back.
Thank you again for everyone’s efforts.
Stay safe. Kind Regards, Kelly

Thanks for hosting the meeting today which I found most interesting and useful.
I am about to send an email to Originem that I will copy you into.
I’m ready for work when you want me.
Kind regards, Karl

If you would like detail of the points covered and questions raised please contact

Our team will be offering further briefings over the coming weeks as we prepare for the reopening of schools. Dates and times for these briefings will be communicated by email.

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