This Year’s Christmas Charity Donation

This Year’s Christmas Charity Donation

Each year, Principal Resourcing choose a charity to support.

This year the company are arranging to drop toys off to bundles of joy. The charity aims to:

  • Help relieve poverty at what can be a very stressful and financially difficult time
  • Support those affected by crisis which can be due to unforeseen circumstances or through not accessing the right help to manage on their own
  • Offer emergency equipment when an individual finds they have had to flee domestic abuse or they have been removed from a violent situation
  • Provide a network for health professionals to be able to get help to families who really do need it
  • Bring communities together. The Bundles of Joy service is all about teamwork and we can only provide this service with the amazing donations, fundraising and help the public offer



We have so far gathered an impressive selection of gifts! If you wish to help then please visit the website below for information on how.


Thank you

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