Well Done Hull University

Well Done Hull University

The University of Hull are making 20,000 face shields each week and now have an order form available for NHS , healthcare organisations and other front line public services to use should they need to order them.

The university are not charging for them but they do ask your organisation to cover the costs of manufacture. The PPE order form can be found at :https://www.hull.ac.uk/special/ppe

There is also a fab crowdfunding page set up to support with manufacturing costs. They can make 6 visors for £5! Here’s the link if you want to donate: https://hull.hubbub.net/p/University-of-Hull-making-NHS-…/…/

The design for manufacturers can also be requested using this email address business@hull.ac.uk

Please use this email address if you also want to speak to them about material donations if you are a business with stocks.

Finally, if you are thinking of returning to the NHS and need training, this amazing university are supporting.

Here is their link for more information on NHS training: https://www.hull.ac.uk/…/university-of-hull-providing-vital…

The email contact for NHS re-training is: fblp-business@hull.ac.uk

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